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About Us


In the present economic and legal context, the investors’ penetration of the Romanian market results in a need for an efficient cooperation between businessmen and law specialists.

To facilitate this need, we offer our clients a variety of highly professional legal services, including legal expertise, prompt service, loyalty, dedication and creativity.  

“Duţescu & Partners” House of Law has a modern mentality that sets us aside from the other Romanian law firms, We specialize in: securities-stock exchange, commercial and corporate law, intellectual property and the legislation applied to energy field, construction and public procurement.

We are the first law firm to specialize in securities.

Our Lawyers are also authors of numerous articles published in securities’ market magazines such as “Investments and Profit” (I&P magazine). 

Our Law Firm proposes a coherent and efficient policy based on the link between expertise and professional innovative concepts and to fulfilling this goal we consider that 

We strongly believe that specialization is the key to success in our field and also the best way to satisfy the needs of our Clients. 

Our professional beliefs are:

Professionalism, efficiency, loyalty  


Our Lawyers have a profound judicial knowledge and experience in dealing with international business. We have the capacity to offer the best legal solutions to our Clients regarding their business initiatives and investment strategies. 

That is why most of our clients are: financial investment companies, Romanian and foreign investment funds, and other Romanian and foreign companies specializig in civil and industrial constructions and the energy field.

Having a team of experienced and highly trained Lawyers, as well as paralegal personnel (assistants, authorized translators etc.), “Duţescu and Partners” House of Law.


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